… Okay, this isn’t quite a “little thing.” I got a job offer!

*cue streamers and confetti*

I’m very excited about it, actually. It’s a position that will help me learn a LOT and open doors for other positions when I decide to leave the area. (Which, I mean, I’ve been wanting to do for years, so I know eventually I’ll move away from here.) I’ll be a front desk/receptionist, but also an administrative assistant for the HR person. It’s a busy position with a lot of responsibility. I really am very excited.

Plus, that helps me fill in numbers for my budget. Thank God. It’s not an enormous amount of money, but it’s something and something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Now, though, I have to figure out how much support I need and how long I’ll need it. I tried telling him that I’d like the “how long” to be written as the maximum, with the option to stop getting support when I don’t need it any longer, if it takes less time than that. He can’t see his way to that. Even though he knows my goal is to take as little from him as possible, and that if I could get away with not taking ANY, I absolutely would, he can’t give me the security of  having the maximum as an option.

Fine. So.

Does anyone have a good way of calculating how long someone will need spousal support/alimony? Seriously asking. Because I have NO idea how to determine how long I’ll need his fucking support. I don’t want it any longer than necessary.

See, now I’m getting irritated again.

Seriously, though – Any advice about how to calculate how long one will need alimony/spousal support would be greatly appreciated.

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