It’s frustrating to be told to do a budget when I don’t have numbers to work with. How am I supposed to do a budget to figure out how much spousal support I should ask for when I don’t know what my salary will be at whatever job I’ll get and I don’t know how much rent will be?

I can figure out the mobile phone bill, the internet service, even car insurance and groceries. But I can’t figure out the rest without numbers.

I threw out a number and was told I was underestimating my needs. Well, maybe, but I also hope to get through this ordeal without creating animosity between us. I’m trying not to hamstring him or leave him destitute.

Logically, I know he’ll be fine. He makes 3x as much as I’ll ever earn, considering I have no degree.

It’s probably because I feel guilty about being the one who made this decision, but… I don’t know what to do.



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