Last night I stayed at my parents’ house. 

They took the news of my divorce a LOT better than I expected them to. Well, I say that, but when I told my dad, he got very rigid and his expression blanked out and he said, “Why?” in the scariest voice I have ever heard him use. 

I had to explain pretty quick that M (husband) hadn’t done anything wrong. It made me laugh, though, so that’s something. Poor dad, thinking he was going to have to go kick M’s ass. Bless. 

I wasn’t actually planning on moving in here until tonight, but it was just… really awkward staying at the house (it’s not home anymore….) after the decision was made. Especially since M just wasn’t understanding. 

We’ve spent the day cleaning out the room I’ll be using. My parents are being very supportive and I’m extremely appreciative. They even bought an air purifier. I’m allergic to cats and they have one. I’d have stayed somewhere else, but I have nowhere else local.

She’s very pretty and she can sense that I’m sad, I think. She is way more affectionate than she usually is. I just need to keep her out of my room so I don’t die.  Ha.

3 thoughts on “It’s a transition

  1. Best of luck with the changes ahead. Been where you’re at right now and looking back it was mostly a process of rediscovering myself.


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