I had a dream last night that I went back in time and relived high school with the knowledge that I have now. 

It’s an interesting idea. I told one of my friends and they asked me if I really would go back in time and if so, how far back and what would I do differently?

Ohoho… What would I change? Well, I thought about it. I’d go back to when I was twelve. I’d fix a mistake I made that year, I’d focus on eating healthy and take up some kind of physical hobby to keep myself fit. I’d study languages. I’d study ASL/ISL, French, Italian, Japanese, anything I could think of. I’d convince my parents to let me finish out my high school years in my original high school and not move at the end of sophomore year to a 3rd rate school with a drug problem. I’d try hard to participate in the student exchange program my senior year.

I’d pick a college that would help me with my dreams and I’d  actually apply myself! I’d have GOALS and not just float here and there wherever I was tugged. I’d do the tugging.

I’d move overseas and be a translator. I would live in the city, but I’d eventually move to the country of whatever country I loved the most because I don’t actually enjoy city living. I would wait to get married and not rush in because I was inexperienced and naive. 


They say, however, that we should live in the present and not dwell in the past. So I’ll do my best today and be thankful for the good things I do have. 

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