I don’t know about you, but depression stresses me out. It’s this never-ending vicious cycle of stress and shame and hating myself, and I am so over it. I need to get things done, but I can’t make myself move, so I’m a horrible person/wife/whatever. (Hey, look, more negative self-talk.)

So. How can I get some relief? 

Not an easy question to answer, as it happens. My usual stress relief is crochet. (That’s right, I make things out of string. It’s a superpower.) I love to crochet. I started in high school and have only improved with every project. It’s my defining hobby to a lot of people, because it’s very visible. I often bring it with me when I’m visiting or waiting somewhere. (I either have yarn or a book on me at all times, often both.) However, what does depression do to our hobbies? How does it treat our beloved pastimes? It yanks them from us and pushes them well out of our emotional reach. 

“I don’t feel like it” becomes my mantra when I’m even just moderately depressed. It simply does not make sense. I know I am depressed and I don’t feel like going out and being social, but this is crochet! It aligns my world and lifts my spirits to see something take shape out of that singular ball of string. Why can’t I bring myself to do it anyway, when I know it’ll make me feel better?

Well, this week I am going to make a concentrated effort to work on a crochet project for a little while every day. I have one in particular that I need to finish by a certain date, so we’ll start with that. 

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