Recently, I saw a picture taken by a friend of a place in the UK. The photo was taken from a perspective that left the trees immediately in the foreground dark and a little sinister looking, but behind them, a green hill, lit up by a sunny day. 

I was struck by it. It looked so… hopeful. Yes, at first glance it’s dark and a little spooky even, but then you look closer. There’s light out there, beyond the trees. It isn’t even that far away, really, it’s just hard to see in the circumstances. 

Hope is such a vague and abstract concept to me sometimes. There are times when I feel absolutely beyond hope. There is nothing ahead, in my view, but more darkness. More trees. But then, maybe I’m just walking with my eyes closed. Maybe I’m walking parallel to the light, and if I just look around, I’ll see it. 

In my heart, I know it’s always there. Light. Hope. Peace. Good Things. It’s just hard to keep my head in the same place. My head doesn’t always see through the trees to the sunshine just beyond them. It sees only those individual problems, traps, issues. 

I knew a pastor once who liked to say that the longest 18 inches in the universe was from your heart to your head. It’s so difficult to move concepts that short little distance. Especially the ones like Hope. 

I’ve been feeling particularly depressed the last few days, which is probably why this photo has captured me so fully. I’m not complaining, however. I’m admittedly a simple girl; this lifted my spirits.

So, friend who took that photo, Thank you. 

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