The view from my little porch. (I apologize for the poor quality of the cell phone photo.)
We’re having a blizzard. Last week was just a “storm.” A foot and a half of snow later, and it’s still coming down at a good clip. We’ll get 6 inches more, easy. 

My weekend was spent getting ready for the blizzard, basically. Making sure every dish was washed and the dishes kept up, and all the laundry done. Oh, and every device charged up to 100%. Just in case we lost power during the storm. So far, we haven’t and if we do, it’s highly doubtful we’ll be out for long. In the meantime, my husband worked to make sure the generator and the snowblower were both working and all the other little things he stresses and worries over when a storm is looming. 

Yesterday, I spent the day reading, or playing video games while chatting on various messaging apps to my different groups of friends. It was a slow and lazy day. Today will be much of the same. 

I think this week, I will read more about my Enneagram personality type and post about my insights on that. 


We’ll see.

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