This morning, I checked in with a group of people with whom I  chat on a regular basis and found someone was complaining about a coworker’s behavior. I don’t have a problem with that, in and of itself. However, the complaint was ended with, “She claims to be a Christian, but she’s not acting very Christ-like.” 

My response in the group chat was basically that one’s religion has nothing to do with being immature and passive-aggressive (which was the behavior about which my friend was complaining.) I went on to suggest a way of dealing with said coworker.

Honestly, though, the comment really got under my skin. Christians are not perfect. Yes, we try to emulate Christ as much as possible, but it’s impossible to mimic him completely. Jesus was without sin, but He was the Son of God. All of us are sinners; we cannot be perfectly without sin. What we are is forgiven, if we ask, but no man or woman is perfect. We can try as hard as we can not to sin, but we ALL do. 

The point is that we all make mistakes, even after we’re forgiven. The comment bothered me because I felt like this friend was looking down on Christians who make mistakes. That’s me. I’m a Christian who makes mistakes, and I felt the need to defend myself. Why aren’t Christians allowed to make mistakes? What does someone’s religion have to do with it, anyway?

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